# QQ-S

Here's the list of known, possibly sourcable components for the FLSUN QQ-S (Pro).


This is a work in progress list, if you find something missing, or be incorrect, please update the page!

# Tower

  • 3x ABS(?) rod mounting base
  • 3x ABS(?) rod mounting top
  • 12x M4x10 bolts
  • 6x 8mm rod
  • 3x GT2 6mm timing belt, 1486 mm long Have a spare
    • Gates brand is recommended
  • 3x 1m 2 core ribbon cable
  • 6x JST, 2 pin female connector

# Carriage

  • 6x Graphite impregnated bronze bushings
    • ID: 8mm
    • OD: 15mm
    • L: 24mm
  • 3x ABS(?) carriage

# Effector

  • 1x Aluminium effector plate
  • 1x hotend mounting cage
  • 1x PTFE Tubing Have a spare
    • Capricorn brand is recommended
  • 1x 40x40x20 (4020) fan Have a spare
  • 2x 40x40x10 (4010) blower fan Have a spare
  • 2x ABS(?) fan shrouds
    • it's recommended to replace these with more "on point" ones, PETG is a suitable material

# Hotend

  • 1x XCR BP6 block Have a spare
    • Can be replaced with V6 block
  • 1x MK8 0.4 brass nozzle Have a spare
    • Can be replaced with V6 nozzle, but you'll need another fan shroud
  • 1x V6-clone heatsink & throat
  • 1x 40W 24V heat cartridge
  • 1x Bead thermistor
  • 1x PC4-M10 Pneumatic quick connector

# Extruder

  • 1x E3D Titan clone
  • 1x L shaped metal bracket
  • 2x M4x10 bolt
  • 1x NEMA17 41mm Stepper motor
    • NEMA17 is the profile
    • 41mm is the length

# Electronics box

  • 1x Cheng Liang P360W24V Power Supply
    • Input: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Output: +24V / 15A
  • 1x Electronics board
    • Can be multiple versions depending on the model being pro or not, and can be replaced with any board with sufficient capabilites, read more at updgrade guide
  • 1x ~2m, UL2547(?) 9 core cable with 20 AWG cores
  • 1x ~2.2m 4 core ribbon cable with 20 AWG cores (for the stepper motors)
  • 1x 9 pin GX20 (aviation) connector
    • can be replaced with anything that fits into a 19mm hole and is secure enough
  • 3x NEMA17 41mm Stepper motor
  • Makerbase MKS Robin TFT_V2.0